Call A Colleague

Call A Colleague is a free peer to peer career consulting platform for refugees of Russian war in Ukraine

People forced to flee from the Russian war can easily find a colleague in a European country and immediately book this person for a free 20 minutes video call to ask their job hunting questions.

The platform was founded by a Berliner couple Olga Sokolova (35, diverse Slavic roots, Cultural Scientist, International Career Consultant) and Elshad Shirinov (38, Ukrainian Jew from Charkow, Software Architect, CTO).

Why now?

Looking for employment in another country is a challenge even in times of peace. Millions of Ukranians, thousands of Russians and Belorussins were forced to flee from Putin's criminal war. The loss of roots and helplessness that people feel now can hardly be described.

Job and career is probably the one sphere of human life we have most control over. Career is also one of the best ways to overcome the trauma of control loss.

150 engaged professionals from the EU and the world have already registered as career mentors for their colleagues from Ukraine. Among them engineers, project & product managers, marketing pros, teachers, software developers, data people, designers…

Over 1000 people already got consultations via a call-a-colleague.

How does it work?

A call (video or audio) happens via service Jitsi. Both sides get the same link - so that only they can participate in the conversation that is encrypted. You only need a smartphone or a laptop.

Mentors can cancel their engagement any time. Mentors define the time and the amount of contacts on their own.

All professionals currently employed in the EU can register as mentors following the link

Mentors get materials on the topics of intercultural communication and career consulting from professional career experts and social psychologists.

About the founders:

Elshad Shirinov, 38, CTO, came to Germany at the age of 12 as a Jewish Contingent Refugee. A Soviet Jew whose father is an Aserbaidschani, Elshad spent his childhood in Charkiw, Ukraine, a city that is now almost demolished by Russian bombs.

Olga Sokolova, 35, Career Consultant, came to Germany at the age of 21 to continue her studies of Cultural History started in Saint Petersburg, Russia. MA in Cultural - and Religious Studies (HU, FU Berlin) with a focus on social psychology, she worked & volunteered a lot to support Russian civil society and intercultural dialogue in Europe. For the past 3 years she has led an international career consulting firm CV Abroad.

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